Gleco Plating Inc.

Metal plating company in central and south Texas. Processes available include, but are not limited to: zinc, bright nickel, chem film, anodizing, tin, phosphate, silver and dry film lube.

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  • Passivation on StainlessPassivation on Stainless
  • Bright Nickel PlatingBright Nickel Plating
  • Electroless NickelElectroless Nickel
  • Chem FilmChem Film
  • AnodizingAnodizing
  • Zinc Nickel PlatingZinc Nickel Plating
  • Tin PlatingTin Plating
  • PhosphatePhosphate
  • Silver PlatingSilver Plating
  • Dry Film LubeDry Film Lube
  • Zinc PlatingZinc Plating
  • Other Services OfferedOther Services Offered
  • HistoryHistory
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2220 Grisham Drive, Rowlett, Texas, 75088, United States
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